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Apply for H1B Visa 2025-2026

Want to work and settle in the USA? Then, the H1B visa is a great choice for those who want to work in the USA legally and get their dream salary there.

What is h1b visa/USA work permit visa?

The H1B visa is a type of non-immigrant visa in the United States. It is under the Immigration and Nationality Act. It allows U.S. employers to temporarily employee foreign workers in specialty occupations. These jobs need expertise in specific fields. These fields include science, engineering, and computer programming.

Eligibility Criteria for H1B visa:

  • An American boss needs to find someone for a job.
  • The job needs a bachelor’s degree or higher in the right subject from a known school.
  • You must know a lot about a specific thing for the job, both in theory and practice.
  • You need a license from the state to work in that job in the U.S.
  • You should have worked in a similar job for 4-5 years.

How to apply for h1b visa / USA work permit visa?

Here is the step-by-step process for h1b visa lottery

  • An eligible US employer starts H1B visa processing for a foreign worker. They do this by submitting their h1b application in the lottery system.
  • USCIS informs employers of h1b lottery results, advancing selected applicants to the next stage.
  • The employer files an LCAwith the Department of Labor. This ensures fair wages and compliance with employment laws.
  • The Department of Labor acknowledges the receipt of the LCA. The H1B visa application will include it.
  • Upon LCA processing, the employer gets approval, processing, or rejection notices. These notices address any requests for further evidence (RFE).
  • The employer fulfills administrative requirements. They create a public access file. Then, they submit all needed forms, documents, evaluations, and fees to USCIS.
  • USCIS issues a receipt for processing form I-129. It confirms your place in the queue. It also gives updates on processing times and petitioner info.
  • After I-129 approval, the employer schedules a visa interview. It will be at an Indian consulate for the applicant.
  • Upon visa approval, the applicant and their family prepare to travel to the US.

H1b visa cost / H1b Processing Fee:



Electronic Registration Fee


ACWIA Education and Training Fee


Fraud Prevention and Detection fee


Public Law 114-113 fee


Basic Filing Fee


Attorney Fee


American Employer Fee (optional)


Premium Processing Fee (Optional)


H1b visa validity:

An H1B visa's validitydepends on many factors. These include the duration requested by the sponsoring employer. They also include the terms approved by USCIS. The authorities grant an H1B visa for up to three years. However, extensions are possible. They let the visa holder stay in the United States for up to six years.

Here's a breakdown of the typical validity periods for H-1B visas:

  • H1B Visa Usually granted for up to three years.
  • H1B visa holders can apply for h1b extensions. These are in one-year increments. They apply for a green card (permanent residency) and meet certain criteria. Extensions can continue up to a maximum of six years.
  • Beyond Six Years: In some cases, people may get extensions beyond the six-year limit. This is if they have an approved employment-based immigrant petition (Form I-140).

How Agacs Pvt Ltd helps you to get h1b visa

We are working alongside with many firms in USA for digital H1B visa process. Finding a US firm for any applicant can be hard. This is especially true with new h1b visa rules. We at AGACS have experts who guide our clients on the right path for H1B visa processing. We have job search services. First, we share the applicant's resume to many US firms to find the fit. If the US firm finds a good match for the applicant's resume, we screen and complete the project (if available). Once we get a nod, we check many parameters & start a H1B process for the applicant if he or she is eligible. We are also offering services for h1b visa Hyderabad.

These cover H1B visa applications, h1b visa extensions, and h1b visa transitioning to green card. Our services also encompass H1B visa sponsorship, job offers. We know about H4 visa rules and H1B visa validity. We also help H1B visa holders enable their spouses to work in the USA. 

We follow a simple strategy for H1B aspirants. First, we recommend candidates to check their profiles to check if they qualify for an H1B visa or not. If they qualify, we send their resumes to USA-based firms. If US firms find a suitable role for the candidate, we inform the candidate. We then start the h1b process. We are experts in USA work permit process & h1b visa in Hyderabad. We cater all US visa types.

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