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Understanding the Difference between Immigration and Non-Immigration


Overseas migration generally is preferred by people looking at good earning potential with options to settle down as soon as possible and create a financially stable zone for the family. Therefore migration is a key component in the new age group people and they are ready to walk the extra mile to achieve what they desire.

People in most countries work hard to maintain their status for the purposes of living legally and making the most of it. Also, if an applicant can gain access to PR or Green Card, they again desire citizenship. This process however needs the applicant to maintain certain prerequisites & very strong documentation for the same. Documentation plays the most important in any immigration or visa file.

Our immigration practices are straightforward and transparent. This is because the client needs to understand, what stage their application is submitted currently. This makes their road map easier.

Non Immigration

We process Non Immigrant visas for the USA, Canada, Australia & Others. The main categories of Non-Immigrant visas are work-related, visit / tourism-related, medical needs-related, or study-related programs.

USA Non-Immigrant Visas are listed below:  

·        H-1B (Specialty Worker)

·        B1 / B2 Visa (Visit & Business Visas)

·        L-1 (Intra-company Transferees) & L1 New Office

·        J-1 Advisory Opinion

·        J-1 Waiver (Exchange Program Participants)

·        Change/Extension of Non-immigrant Status

AGACS PVT LTD is dedicated to the practice of all aspects of U.S. Immigration & non-Immigration visa procedures with a legit & valid roadmap, with a focus on business-related and employment-based US immigration law. Headquartered in Florida, our expert attorneys handhold the needful clients & operate accordingly. Because of our expertise and dedication to clients, AGACS PVT LTD has experienced rapid growth in recent years.


Question: What is the difference between immigration and non-immigration visa statuses?

Answer: An immigration visa allows individuals to permanently move to another country, whereas a non-immigration visa permits temporary residency typically for work, study, tourism, or business purposes.

Question: Can non-immigrants convert their status to immigration in the future?

Answer: Yes, non-immigrants who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for permanent residency or immigration status through family sponsorship, employment-based petitions, or asylum/refugee programs, subject to government regulations and requirements.

Question: Are there any limitations on non-immigrants employment opportunities?

Answer: Depending on the type of non-immigration visa, job options may be restricted to specific employers, industries, or time periods, often requiring authorization from the immigration authorities or potential sponsorship by a qualified employer.

Question: Can non-immigrants access healthcare and social services in the host country?

Answer: The availability of healthcare and social services for non-immigrants varies depending on the destination country's legal framework and individual circumstances. In some cases, non-immigrants may have access to emergency care but limited benefits compared to immigrants with permanent residency status.

Question: Are there any visa expiration penalties for overstaying in non-immigration status?

Answer: Yes, overstaying a non-immigration visa can lead to penalties such as being barred from reentry into the country, loss of visa eligibility in the future, and potentially being deported. It is important to adhere to visa terms and apply for extensions if needed to avoid legal consequences. 

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