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EB5 Visa Processing Time

The EB5 Visa Processing Time encompasses the period from investing in a qualified EB5 project to obtaining a Lawful Permanent Residency with a Green Card. At AGACS PVT LTD, our recent experience indicates an EB5 Visa Processing Time of 6-12 months for Form I-526E, Immigrant Petition by Regional Center Investor, specifically for investments in rural area projects.

Key Points

- 5 stages in the Eb5 visa processing time for a permanentGreen Card.

- The choice of investment project may impact processing times.

- Other factors affecting the Eb5 timeline include country of charges ability, priority date, and concurrent filing of forms I-485 & I-526E.

EB5 Visa Processing Time Stages

Investment for an EB5 Project (2 Months)

-The average timeline for organizing funds and investing in an EB5 Project is 2 months.

-Capital investment must come from lawful sources, requiring comprehensive documentation.

-Collaboration with immigration attorneys ensures compliance with USCIS standards.

Filing Form, I-526 or I-526E typically takes between 6 to 24 months

-Processing time for Form I-526/I-526E ranges from 6 to 24 months.

-Approval of I-526 signifies eligibility for an EB5 Green Card.

Adjustment of Status in the US or Consular processing (6 to 12 months)

-EB5 Timeline for status adjustment in the US is 6 to 12 months.

-Concurrent filing of I-485 and I-526E for non-backlogged countries shortens processing times.

-Consular processing for investors outside the US takes 6 to 12 months.

Conditional Green Card (2 Years)

-Conditional Permanent Resident status is valid for 2 years.

-Investors must fulfill investment and job creation requirements within this period.

Approval of Form I-829 (22 to 48.5 months)

-Processing time for I-829 ranges from 22 to 48.5 months on average.

-Approval removes conditions on the Green Card, granting Lawful Permanent Residency.

How to Reduce Processing Times for EB5 Visa?

-Investing in a rural area project expedites processing times.

-Concurrent filing of I-485 and I-526E petitions reduces processing times by 12 to 24 months.

When Can I Move to the United States After Filing for EB5 Visa?

-If residing outside the US, relocation is possible after I-485 approval.

-Conditional Green Card allows living, working, and studying in the USA for 2 to 4 years.

EB5 Visa Wait Time 

-No EB5 Visa Wait Time, except for China.

-The Visa Bulletin indicates priority dates and wait times for each country.

Effect of Country of Chargeability on EB5 Visa Timeline

-Longer EB5 Timeline if the chargeability country is China.

-Non-backlogged countries experience a quicker process.

EB5 Visa Priority Dates for All Countries

-The priority date is current (C) for all countries, except China.

-A current priority date implies no additional wait time for a Green Card application.

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