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EB5 Visa Cost Minimum Investment Requirements

To apply for the EB5 visa, you must pay a fee of $3,675 for filing USCIS forms I-526/I-526E. The overall cost depends on many factors. These include the minimum investment, biometrics, USCIS forms, legal, administrative, and relocation fees.

Key Points

  • The minimum investment for the eb5 visa is USD 800,000. This is for projects in targeted employment areas (TEA's). Other projects require USD 1.05 million.
  • The cost of EB5 visas is expected to increase in early 2024. This is due to proposed fee hikes for I-526/I-526E & I-29 petitions.
  • Planning for investment cost and associate fees can be intricate, but Agacs is here to assist.

How Much Does EB5 Visa Cost?

The I-526/I-526E filing fee is $3,675. The biometrics fees for regional center investors are $85 per applicant. Also, you need to consider the minimum investment amount. You also need to consider USCIS filing and eb5 visa processing fees. You also need to consider legal, administrative, and relocation expenses. Over 95% of EB5 investors choose regional centerprojects. They affect our cost breakdown.


Form I-526 or I-526E Petition Filing

Fee (USCIS): $3,675

Adjustment of Status/Immigrant Visa Application

Fee (USCIS): $1,140/$325

Form I-829 Petition Filing

Fee (USCIS): $3,750

Regional Center Administration

Fee: $50,000-$70,000 (negotiable)

EB5 Visa Immigration Attorney Legal

Fees: $15,000-$20,000

Documents Translation, Tax, Relocation, and Travel Expenses


Additional Costs for Direct Investments

- EB5 Business Plan: Around $3,500 for drafting and writing a business plan.

- Business Entity Formation: $1,000-$1,500 for forming a new business entity.

Minimum EB5 Investment Amount 

The minimum EB5 investment is USD 800,000 for projects in targeted employment areas (TEAs). For non-TEA projects, it is USD 1.05 million.

Possible Future Cost Increase

The Department of Homeland Security proposed fee increases for the EB5 category. They did this in early 2024. The increases would affect I-526, I-526E, and I-829 petitions.

Factors Affecting EB5 Visa Program Cost

- Number of dependents

- Legal fees

- Relocation and travel costs

- Investment location

- Regional center administrative fees

- Direct project costs

- Currency exchange rates

Major Cost Factor

  • The $800,000 or $1.05 million cost of an EB5 investment is the main factor in your Immigrant Investor Visa funding. Investing in a TEA or infrastructure project can hurry processing times.
  • AGACS Pvt Ltd helps immigrant investors meet the EB5 investment minimum. They also help investors choose secure projects.

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