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Canada being an economically stable country and is highly rated as the safest country to live in, therefore it is one of the favourite destinations for Indians. Huge career opportunities, diversity, safety & loads of Indian communities are favourable for lakhs of individuals to apply for Permanent Residency.

Canada usually finds a place right at the top in the list of immigration destinations, and many discerning migrants from across the globe choose the destination for permanent residence purposes. The benefits of a Canadian PR Visa are the motivation for immigrants to choose Canada as their preferred immigration destination. Canada offers several attractive benefits to the migrants even as thanks to these benefits several immigration-inspired aspirants opt for Canada immigration, other destinations.

Canada is called an immigrants paradise as this country promises amazing benefits for PR holders and Citizens. One of the most important benefits is that when any citizen or a PR holder loses his / her job, then there are tools to still make money. Which means you will get paid even when you don’t have a job.

Canadian Government provides support facilities for prospective immigrants to facilitate their settlement in the country after they land on the permanent residence status. With the high volume of Indian communities in Canada, it's particularly easier for people traveling from India to land in Canada & stay there like family.

If you are looking for a pollution-free country, high paid salaried, best economies to do business, future career settlement for yourself and kids, then Canada is the place you belong. Moreover the scenic places, friendly people, amazing opportunities & pleasant atmosphere make Canada a superior choice.


    • Passport (Bio Pages)
    • IELTS or other Language test results
    • Education credential assessment report from WES or any other authorized body
    • Provincial nomination document (if you have)
    • Written job offer from an employer in Canada - LMIA (if you have)
    • Married applicants need to provide the marriage certificate
    • If children are included in the application, you require providing the Birth Certificate for all children
    • Education certificates scanned (From bachelors to Ph.D. as applicable): Consolidated Marks Sheet, provisional Certificate, certificate
    • Proof of funds (This is needed after completing 6 months after entering the express entry pool)
    • All employment documents are needed for all the organizations worked till date i.e., Offer Letters, Relieving Letters, Payslips, tax docs (if required), etc.
    • Police clearance certificates
    • Medical reports

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