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Canada LMIA Visa


With a positive LMIA you can live and work in Canada Upto four years. You can use this LMIA for your Permanent Residency application however handholding certain procedures.

You must obtain Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) approved employment offer from a Canadian employer. 

What exactly is the meaning of LMIA:

Canadian Employer will need to obtain a positive LMIA to hire the employees from other countries. The Labour Market Impact Assessment is a document issued by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to make sure that no Canadian worker is ignored in replacements of a foreign resource. Any employer who wants to file and LMIA for a foreign resource must initially check the availability of local resources in Canada and in case did not find one, can only then look for foreign workers.

You can use LMIA to claim more points for the Canadian PR as well.


What to do if you do not get an LMIA:

You can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency process, which will allow you to legally live & work in Canada indefinitely. It’s the best way to choose a career option & a better lifestyle if you wish to settle in Canada. 


Note: AGACS PVT LTD is here only to provide information for LMIA but does not do any procedure to obtain LMIA-approved jobs from Canada.

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